Cookie Policy

As Abries Jewellery, we use various cookies, pixel tags or local storage technologies in order to make our website more comfortable and to customize some of its features. On the cookie policy page, you can find out in which areas these technologies are used, how to control them or how you can delete them at your request.
What is a cookie?

Cookies are used by almost all websites today. The main purpose of cookies is to provide faster, higher performance and significantly better user experience for websites. As Abries Jewellery, we use various cookies on our website to offer these advantages to our users. Cookies are generally small text files that are stored when a website is visited (can be a computer or mobile phone). Cookies are stored in the device memory via the browser when websites are visited for the first time. These stored text documents become active when the browser checks cookies when the same website is visited again. If the browser finds a registered cookie, the data contained in the record is transmitted to the visited website. Thus, it is understood by the website that the person has visited this website before. These text files, called cookies, can display results similar to previous searches of users or offer personalized features.

How to Control or Delete Cookies?

You need to change your browser settings to see which data cookies can save, to change your cookie preferences, or block cookies altogether. In the general settings of many web browsers, there are options such as which type of cookies to accept or reject, or to be warned if websites request cookie storage. You can change your cookie settings as well as delete the cookies currently stored in your browser. Operations such as checking cookies, changing cookie settings or deleting cookies may differ from browser to browser. You can view your cookie preferences and make changes to them by logging into the settings tab of the browser you are using.
Cookies Used by Abries

None of the cookies used on is designed to process data that can be used to identify you. We use mandatory cookies to enable you to navigate safely within the website, access secure areas of the site, and reveal various permissions. Mandatory cookies enable services that form the basis of the Abries Jewellery website, such as shopping carts or payment pages.