Seasonal Collections

Light of the moon bright the night from darkness. With our new collection Midnight. Abries give you the light of the night. Stop the time and look over the life.

Time cover the life from the begining to now. Stop the time and feel the Abries. With our new collection Infinity Love stop the time between the lovers.

The Sun, reason of the life give us the what we need our collection sunshine give you the need for what you love. Take star of our collection and gift to the star of your life. With Abries life is shining more.

We design our jewelery with our  draftsman team and cast it using the lost wax casting method with our state-of-the-art vacuum casting machines. Our experienced craftsmen process the cast metal and turn it into jewelry. We are trying to bring you the traditional art of jewelry processing in Turkey. We are try to make you feel alive.




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